Project Sweetie Pie is a nonprofit organization in North Minneapolis working since 2011 with individuals and partner organizations to achieve justice in the environment, food, climate, and economics.

Inform, Infuse, Inspire, Instruct

Project Sweetie Pie’s primarily works to:

  • Energize and create neighborhood joy with volunteers activating community assets.
  • Mentor and empower youth at North High and through programs like Step Up to teach skills of agriculture and entrepreneurship.
  • Establishing urban farms and gardens throughout the metro area to grow the movement of urban agriculture.
  • Distribute fresh produce to people living in the Northside community.
  • Scout out and marshal resources–financial and otherwise–to fuel a variety of neighborhood nonprofits working within the food access, food justice, and food sovereignty space.
  • Write and advocate for urban agriculture legislature at the city, county, regional and state levels- the first of its kind.

Project Sweetie Pie is one piece of a larger investment into North Minneapolis; North Minneapolis has been designated federally as a Promise Zone as well as an Opportunity Zone.

The goal of this designation is to serve as “a comprehensive, community-driven strategy that builds on and aligns numerous initiatives to build a more inclusive economy, to promote stable housing, and to improve health and safety, for all North Minneapolis Promise Zone residents” -City of Minneapolis

North Minneapolis has also been designated as a Green Zone; this designation is aimed at “improving health and supporting economic development using environmentally conscious efforts in communities that face the cumulative effects of environmental pollution, as well as social, political and economic vulnerability” -City of Minneapolis

North Minneapolis is going green.

Give us a call and learn what we mean.

Where once lay urban blight

Now sits luscious garden sites.

Gardens without borders,

Classrooms without walls.

Architects of our own destinies.

Access to food justice for all.

And NOW like sweet potatoe vines,our goals all intertwine”

A quick glimpse into the work of Project Sweetie Pie from Minnesota History


Michael Chaney


(763) 227-4881