Project Sweetie Pie in the News

Project Sweetie Pie: A North Minneapolis Model for Ensuring Food Security

By Catherine Fleming for

“I’m involved with a number of organizations that operate at the intersection of climate change, racial justice, and food security…” (Click title to read full article)

Johnny Appleseed of North Minneapolis grows gardens, inspires kids

By James Lileks for the Star Tribune

“Former TV news cameraman and founder of Project Sweetie Pie envisions a food corridor he calls the Nile of the North…” (Click on title to read full article)


By Louise Carter for the Anthropocene Curriculum

“Invoking the words of three of Minneapolis’ native sons, activist Michael Chaney, poet Joe Davies, and Prince, Louise Carver for Temporary continent. writes of the various windows of “opportunity” associated with speculation focused on the city’s riverside…” (Click title to read full article)

In Urban Gardens Without Borders, Project Sweetie Pie Plants Seeds for Food Justice and Freedom

By Trish Popovitch for SeedStock

“In a collaborative effort to revitalize the economy and the community of North Minneapolis, Project Sweetie Pie, an urban farming movement working to seed healthy changes in the community, has as one of its principal goals the mentorship of 500 local youth …” (Click title to read full article)

Project Sweetie Pie teaches North Minneapolis youth about gardening

By Ibrahim Hirsi for MinnPost

“Project also brings people together to help revitalize neighborhoods and provide healthy food for low-income communities…” (Click title to read full article)

Urban agriculture spawns North Side enterprise

By Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

“Poet/activist Michael Chaney may best be known for the greening of North Minneapolis through Project Sweetie Pie, the urban agriculture and advocacy nonprofit he founded and runs. But his vision goes far beyond gardening…” (Click title to read full article)

Project Sweetie Pie: Teens get fresh food in North Minneapolis

By Stephanie Fox for Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

“It began in 2010, with sweet potato pies and a new idea. The new idea was to create sustainable agriculture in the heart of the city, letting kids learn to grow vegetables and then (the new part) to show them how to sell what they grew to local businesses…” (Click on title to read full article)

The What’s GUD Show with Project Sweetie Pie

BY G.F.C. Productions

“We had the pleasure of being paid a visit from Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie & he was accompanied by their interns…” (Click on title to watch full interview)


Michael Chaney

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